Within equicty, competitions can be planned in more detail by configuring classes per competition. In each class one ore more combination can configured , determine starting order and keep track of results after the end of the competition!

Below you will find a short description of how you can link a class with a competition;

STEP 1: Open an existing competition via;

  1. Via the dashboard > Click on the competition you want to edit further
  2. Via the sport module > Competition calendar > Click on the competition you want to edit further (both monthly and annual overview)

A specific page with details of the competition appears --> competition overview

STEP 2: Add competition classes

  1.  Click at the top left (next to the competition name)
  2. Then select "add competition class"
  3. Determine the name of the class
  4. Select the date on which the class will take place
  5. Select which horses will participate in the class

Save: A new class will be created for the participating horses in the overview


  1. Click on the horse in question out a class
  2. Then complete a starting order
  3. Determine the rider of the horse

In a next step, the results can be filled in after the competition

  1. Enter the score (points / % etc)
  2. Complete the ranking or achieved place